About Us

ZCZ Films is an award-winning production company founded in 1997 by Waldemar Januszczak and Mike Lerner. Since then we’ve been making documentaries about art, music, architecture and travel - with a bit of politics and science thrown in. We’ve worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Channel 5, and Sky. Our films have been shown in the UK and around the world.

Our Team

  • Waldemar Januszczak
    Waldemar Januszczak
    Director, Writer, Presenter
    Waldemar Januszczak is Britain’s most distinguished art critic. Formerly the art critic of The Guardian newspaper, he is now the chief art critic of The Sunday Times, and has twice won the Critic of the Year award. Renowned for his feisty opinions, Waldemar is also an award-winning director and presenter of television arts documentaries, specialising in ambitious biographies and in-depth investigations of the great art movements. He has made over 40 films.
  • Thea Østerholt
    Thea Østerholt
    Thea graduated with a Masters degree in Post Production Editing from Bournemouth University, and has worked at ZCZ Films for over 6 years. Her credits include Handmade in Bolton, The Mystery of the Nativity, and Art’s Wildest Movement: Mannerism. Before moving to England she worked as an Edit Assistant and Junior Editor in Norway for Novemberfilm and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Emily Jacob
    Emily Jacob
    Emily graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Dance BA (Hons) from Kingston University, and has worked at ZCZ Films since October 2022. Her credits include The Mystery of the Nativity and Art’s Wildest Movement: Mannerism. She developed an interest for filmmaking during the COVID pandemic while making films of her dance productions at university. This changed her career course as she found her interest and passion for producing, which she has been working on ever since. Find her films on Instagram.
  • Lesley McAteer
    Lesley McAteer
    Production Accountant
    Lesley McAteer (BSC RN FMAAT) has been the Production Accountant at ZCZ Films for 16 Years with a working history in TV and Film since 2000. Lesley started working in 1980 for Barclays Bank, remained there for 9 years, before then working in various companies and industries. Lesley is also Registered Nurse, having a BSC in Adult Nursing. Originally from London, now residing in Margate in Kent. Fun Fact: Lesley enjoys cold water swimming in the Sea in Margate, travelling, and walking.

People We Like To Work With

  • Matt Conway
    Matt Conway
    Matt has been working with ZCZ Films since The Dark Ages, quite literally. His highlights include night shoots in an empty Sistine Chapel for The Renaissance Unchained, being driven around by Waldemar in a Ford Model A for Made In The USA and discovering the incredible details within Holbein’s work on a super-telephoto lens for The Culture Show Special. Full details at ukcameraman.co.uk
  • Haresh Patel
    Haresh Patel
    Haresh Patel is a sound recordist in documentary, drama, commercials and sound effects. As well as location sound, Haresh covers sound post production, sound design and final mixing.
  • Sean Plunkett
    Sean Plunkett
    Sean Plunkett has worked with ZCZ Films since 2013 on a number of productions, including Rococco: Travel, Pleasure, Madness, The Renaissance Unchained, Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Art: Made in the USA and The Mystery of the Nativity. Sean is based in London and works on a variety of TV productions, as well as online branded content. You can view his website for more information, seanplunkettsound.com.
  • Owen Scurfield
    Owen Scurfield
    Owen Scurfield has been dicking about for years as a cameraman. His career was going nowhere until he met Waldemar Januszczak who took pity on him and decided to give him some work. Since then, Owen has filmed thousands of things for Waldemar and ZCZ Films with his trademark mix of out-of-focus stuff and shaky pans. Stylistically, Owen likes to stop and start in the wrong place, and then blame the camera for the problem. Or the tripod or the lenses. ‘Working with Owen has been an adventure’, says Waldemar Januszczak. ‘Owen is the Eddie the Eagle of artistic photography. He had a dream. And unfortunately he followed it!’ owenscurfield.net