People We Like To Work With

Matt Conway

Camera Matt has been working with ZCZ Films since The Dark Ages, quite literally. His highlights include night shoots in an empty Sistine Chapel for The Renaissance Unchained, being driven around by Waldemar in a Ford Model A for Made In The USA and discovering the incredible details within Holbein’s work on a super-telephoto lens […]

Haresh Patel

Sound Haresh Patel is a sound recordist in documentary, drama, commercials and sound effects. As well as location sound, Haresh covers sound post production, sound design and final mixing.

Sean Plunkett

Sound Sean Plunkett has worked with ZCZ Films since 2013 on a number of productions, including Rococco: Travel, Pleasure, Madness, The Renaissance Unchained, Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Art: Made in the USA and The Mystery of the Nativity. Sean is based in London and works on a variety of TV productions, as well as […]

Owen Scurfield

Camera Owen Scurfield has been dicking about for years as a cameraman. His career was going nowhere until he met Waldemar Januszczak who took pity on him and decided to give him some work. Since then, Owen has filmed thousands of things for Waldemar and ZCZ Films with his trademark mix of out-of-focus stuff and […]