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Season 1, Episode 5

Rubens divides opinions. But can he divide Waldy & Bendy? Also, a lockdown interview with Tracey Emin and why Bendy wants a Holbein.

RUBENS (1577-1640)

Self-Portrait (1623)

Tour of Rubens' House

Portrait of Isabella Brant (1625)

The Rainbow Landscape (c. 1636)

Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rosary (c. 1609-1610)

The Massacre of the Innocents (c. 1611-12)

Medusa (c. 1618)

The Descent from the Cross (1612-14)

Honeysuckle Bower (1609)

Theodosius and Saint Ambrose (1615-16)

Portrait of Clara Serena Rubens (c. 1616)


Clip from Is Painting Dead?


Sir John Godsalve (c. 1532-4) by Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8-1543)

Do not disturb: A Life? or Theatre? painting by Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943)

This is a rare scene of intimacy between the fictional Charlotte Kann (representing Salomon herself) in bed with her mother Franziska, who is telling Charlotte how wonderful it is in Heaven and how one day she (Franziska) will go there and turn into an angel and bring Charlotte a letter to lie on her windowsill describing life in Heaven.

Anne of Cleves (c. 1539) by Hans Holbein the Younger