Waldy & Bendy's Adventures in Art / Season 3, Episode 7

Waldy & Bendy celebrate the dodgy birth of El Greco, and Waldy has a chat with Britain’s greatest forger, Shaun Greenhalgh. Plus the spiritual abstraction of Georgiana Houghton.

EL GRECO (1541-1614)

The Disrobing of Christ (1577-1579)

The Opening of the Fifth Seal (1608-1614)

View of Toledo (1596-1600)

The Dormition of the Virgin (1565-66)

Saint Martin and the Beggar (c. 1597-99)

Baptism of Christ (1608-1614)

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)


The Faun (1994), supposedly by Gauguin, but actually by Shaun Greenhalgh

Ballet Rehearsal after Edgar Degas by Shaun Greenhalgh

Going to the Mill after Lawrence Stephen Lowry by Shaun Greenhalgh

Girl with black cat after Henri Matisse by Shaun Greenhalgh


Tipping the Slag (1900-1945) by Edwin Butler (1874-1950)

Wolverhampton Art’s page for Tipping the Slag

The Eye of God (c. 1862) by Georgiana Houghton (1814-1884)