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Season 3, Episode 14

Digital Special! Waldy & Bendy change their names, get lost in the Metaverse, and continue their search for the best horse picture in art. Plus Beyonce!


Wald-D and The Squiggle visit The B.20 Virtual Museum


The Horse Fair (1852-55) by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899)

Coming Through the Rye (1903) by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)

Siobhan Miller - Comin' Thro' the Rye on Youtube

Copy of The Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1603) by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

Riders on the Beach (1902) by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)

Guernica (1937) by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

The Battle of San Romano (c.1435-60) by Paolo Uccello (1397-1475)


Salvator Mundi (c. 1500) by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Ever is Overall (1997) by Pipilotti Rist (1962-)

Hold up (2016) by Beyoncé (1981)