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Season 3, Episode 19

Season Finale! Waldy & Bendy visit Bendor Grosvenor's Farm to search for the best birds in art and look back at their favourite art moments of the lockdown.


Me and My Parrots (1941) by Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)

Self-Portrait with Bonito (1941) by Frida Kahlo

Frida Painting "Me and my Parrots" (1941) by Nickolas Muray (1892-1965)

The Forest that hears and the field that sees (c. 1500) by Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450-1516)

The Garden of Earthly Delights (c. 1495–1505) by Hieronymus Bosch

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (1863) by Édouard Manet (1832-1883)

The Goldfinch (1654) by Carel Fabritius (1622-1654)

Leda and the Swan (1602) by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

Leda and the Swan (16th century) copy after lost painting by Michelangelo (C. 1545-1475)

Leda and the swan (mid 16th century) by Unknown artist


Artemisia at the National Gallery

The Triumph of Silenus (c. 1637) by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)

Poussin and the Dance at The National Gallery


The Polish Rider (1655) by Rembrandt (1606-1669)

Portrait of a Young Man (1514) by Raphael (1483-1520)

The Painter Martin Ryckaert (1627-1632) by Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)

The Topkapi Emerald Dagger (mid 18th century)