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The Singing Art Critics – Isolation EP

Featuring four new songs recorded during the Great Lockdown of 2020, and presented as a limited edition double vinyl record.
The Isolation EP is the most ambitious offering yet by The Singing Art Critics.

Art with a
Isolation EP back cover Isolation EP front cover
Isolation EP back & front cover

Isolation EP inside cover spread
Isolation EP inside cover spread

The Singing Art Critics are:
Brian Sewell on bass
John Ruskin on drums
Iain ‘Winkelmann’ Grant on lead guitar
Thea ‘Sontag’ Osterholt on vocals
Waldemar ‘Waldy’ Januszczak on guitar and vocals

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The Gauguin Jug – Handmade in Bolton

Britain’s greatest forger, Shaun Greenhalgh, has recently remade Gauguin’s celebrated ‘Self-Portrait Jug’ from the Kunstindustrimuseet in Copenhagen. The replica comes in a unique edition of 10, each jug an artwork in itself handmade and numbered by Shaun. These are now available to fans of ZCZ Films at the special discount price of £500.

Gauguin’s ‘Self-Portrait Jug’ is one of his most extraordinary works. Made soon after he returned from Arles, where an argument with Vincent van Gogh had led to Vincent cutting off his ear, the jug is a remarkable statement of artistic empathy, undertowed by dark memories of the event. Watch ‘Britain’s Greatest Forger’ to see Shaun make the jug and view the complicated processes involved in its manufacture. It’s here.

The Gauguin Jug – Handmade in Bolton
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